thumbnail Dad checking the camera (BIG)
thumbnail Camera still isn't working. Did you wind the film? (BIG)
thumbnail Grandpa, playing the kazoo (BIG)
thumbnail Adam with his toy from his stocking (BIG)
thumbnail Grandpa with his Beeman's gum (BIG)
thumbnail Dad with his new fancy ice cream scoop (BIG)
thumbnail Aunt Gwen and Uncle Bill like their paintball gun (BIG)
thumbnail Outside the rental shop at the very first Second Annual WCF Ski Trip (WCF-SKI 2001) (BIG)
thumbnail Kate outside the rental shop, Christopher in the background (BIG)
thumbnail Waiting outside the ski rental shop, mountais in the background (BIG)
thumbnail Loading up the van. Doug on left, Jared, Christopher, Colin, Adam, and Jarrett on the right in the yellow. (BIG)
thumbnail What a great day for skiing! We had just beautiful weather, and the conditions were great! (BIG)
thumbnail The view from the top of the mountain... What a nice day! (BIG)
thumbnail Doug, Jarrett, and Tang (BIG)
thumbnail Another picture, trying to get some of the mountains, but some guy got in the way. (BIG)
thumbnail Adam in front of the lift with some nice mountains in the background (BIG)
thumbnail Tang, Adam, Jarrett, Scott, and Doug looking good. (BIG)
thumbnail Traditional one-ski-in-the-air shot (BIG)
thumbnail Chrisheilman eats an apple. Also seen: Kate, Tang, and Scott. (BIG)
thumbnail A bunch of the people on the trip: Jarrett, Doug (?), Adam, Christopher, Dave, Molly, Jenni, Andrew, and half of Elizabeth (BIG)
thumbnail Molly, Jenni, Elizabeth, Paul, Colin, Scott, Tang, Hope, ChrisHeilman, Julia, Brandon, and back around to Jarrett. (BIG)
thumbnail Group shot! (BIG)
thumbnail Someone hiding behind Colin, Paul, Christopher, and Jenni (BIG)
thumbnail Having fun at a tourist trap -- Mystery Hill (BIG)
thumbnail Having problems standing up (BIG)
thumbnail More fun in the wierd room (BIG)
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