thumbnail Amy and E with googley eyes... monkey see, monkey do. (BIG)
thumbnail Hope and Kate, Blair and Jamie help untangle lights (BIG)
thumbnail Adam at the Airport with me (BIG)
thumbnail That's my Boeing 777... the Engine is *HUGE*! (BIG)
thumbnail This is in rome, at the vatican (BIG)
thumbnail Amazing, big stuff is just everywhere... (BIG)
thumbnail This is a halway with lots of paintins of maps on the wall... and the artwork on the cieling is just amazing (BIG)
thumbnail Lots of statues on the eves (BIG)
thumbnail This is St. Peter's. I got to go through the holy door! I wish you could see the volumetric lighting that came from the window in this photo... or understand just how *HUGE* this place is (BIG)
thumbnail There's this amazing art at the front of St. Peter's, and the center is this dove stained glass thing... but due to my little snapshot camera and poor photography all you can see is the dove stained glass thingie (BIG)
thumbnail Ryan in front of one of the buildings... next to all the chairs set up for all the Christmas stuff that they were doing. (BIG)
thumbnail This is their Christmas tree... Ryan says (and I agree) that the Italians don't amke good Christmas trees. Too spindly. (BIG)
thumbnail This is at the hotel in Madrid, and Ryan is expressing how short the dors are (BIG)
thumbnail Ryan, Whitney, and Me in Madrid (BIG)
thumbnail Ryan looking dark and mysterious in front of the King's Palace in Madrid (BIG)
thumbnail Me, same shot. (BIG)
thumbnail Okay, so this is advertising a restaraunt that has ``vino gratis'' (which is behind the esalator rail) ... which means ``free wine'' ... just thought that was funny. One dollar is roughly 200 pts. (BIG)
thumbnail Metro tickets... 135 each or 10 for 675 .. comes out to about $0.35 each in the ten-packs. Beat's the MARTA $1.75! (BIG)
thumbnail This is the chapel in the monestery in Escorial. (BIG)
thumbnail The monestary in Escorial... you can see the mountains in the background (BIG)
thumbnail Ryan in front of some of the mountains outside of Escorial (BIG)
thumbnail This is our hotel room (BIG)
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