thumbnail Ryan is showing off some of the Tapas we are eating. Whitney is just enjoying eating it. (BIG)
thumbnail This is in Toledo. There's a river, a bridge, and a bunch of castlie stuff on the hill. It's very midieval and very cool.

thumbnail Same shot, but more vertical (BIG)
thumbnail This kind of shows more of the newer parts of the city in the background (BIG)
thumbnail This is one of the old churches in Toledo (BIG)
thumbnail Another big church in Toledo. (BIG)
thumbnail Trying to get the whole tower in the pictuer, and failing miserably. (BIG)
thumbnail A steeple in the background (BIG)
thumbnail I was hoping this would express the size of the building, but I don't think it does. Suffice to say, it's big. (BIG)
thumbnail Ryan in front of the Spanish countryside (BIG)
thumbnail A typical view in Toledo (BIG)
thumbnail Whitney, Me, and Ryan in Madrid. (BIG)
thumbnail Whitney in front of the big lake thing in the big park (I think it was called ... uh... I don't remember) in Madrid. This was Sunday after church. (BIG)
thumbnail Whitney, Angela (who we met at church the day before), Whitney's friend Alex, and me eating dinner at the oldest restaraunt in the world. (BIG)
thumbnail This is the garden right next to the King's Palace (BIG)
thumbnail A little bush maze thing... it wasn't more than a couple feet high, but I still thought it was cool (BIG)
thumbnail Out of focus, but this is the Big Mac, French Fries, and Beer that I had to get at McDonalds. (BIG)
thumbnail You can't read the sign, but this is the Museo de Jamon.. the Museum of Ham, a store that sells (you guessed it) lots of ham in various forms. I also got to see the Palace of Ham, the Palace of Ham II, and, well, the Spanish people just like Ham. (BIG)
thumbnail Whitney, two of her friends from Wisconsin (Amanda, I think, was one of their names, but I don't remember which one, and I don't remember the other one) and some guy who was also over there studying abroad. (BIG)
thumbnail At a party with a bunch of people studying abroad. They had some drink that is evidently popular in Spain: red wine with coke. It was horrible. (BIG)
thumbnail This is Atlanta, *WITH SNOW*! I couldn't believe it, so I had to take a picture from the window of the airplane. (BIG)
thumbnail just making sure one of them turned out... (BIG)
thumbnail This is snow on our lawn at WCF, in downtown Atlanta, many days after it had snowed. (BIG)
thumbnail Another picture of snow in the hedges at WCF. (BIG)
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