thumbnail Oops... camera messing up (BIG)
thumbnail Camera messing up again... stupid beginning of film... maybe I should get a digicam... (BIG)
thumbnail Out of my window, looking at North shot is actually *decent* (BIG)
thumbnail There we go... my church home, going towards North Ave one beautiful Sunday (BIG)
thumbnail Outside at the beginning of the Picnic (BIG)
thumbnail The line for lunch... sign says ``One sandwich per person please'' (BIG)
thumbnail Our College Intern Staff Member, Thomas (BIG)
thumbnail Getting food... look at all the smiling faces! You can see some faces that you probably saw in the Honduras pictures... (BIG)
thumbnail Anna is bobbing for Apples (BIG)
thumbnail She got one! (BIG)
thumbnail Nate coming out from having fun in the jumping thingie (BIG)
thumbnail Sort of like a dunking booth... (BIG)
thumbnail Oh, no! (BIG)
thumbnail Helen, Bobby, and Scott (BIG)
thumbnail Another person I know from Honduras, Mary Boyce (BIG)
thumbnail Waiting in line for the Power Shower (BIG)
thumbnail The Ice Cream Line... Helen already has hers... (BIG)
thumbnail Chip is in the Power Shower now... (BIG)
thumbnail Helen and Penelope (BIG)
thumbnail Miss Sally... Andy is in the background... (BIG)
thumbnail Who is that bobbing for Apples? :-) (BIG)
thumbnail Hmm... I think that hitting the thing with your hand is cheating... (BIG)
thumbnail James and Emily talking... (BIG)
thumbnail Happiness is a cup of ice cream. (BIG)
thumbnail Some of our fantastic Agnes Scott ladies... Mrs. McNabb in the background... (BIG)
thumbnail David's fish was THIS BIG! (BIG)
thumbnail Nate and Anna, Bobby on the right (BIG)
thumbnail Wiring WCF ... ethernet cables run above the acoustic tile... (BIG)
thumbnail D'oh! (BIG)
thumbnail More wiring (BIG)
thumbnail Inter-ministry activity before a football game... doing some great grilling. (BIG)
thumbnail Peter front, Aben back, Derenda and Tim (BIG)
thumbnail 104.7 was there doing music... and we had lots of great people. (BIG)
thumbnail Here are the Fish people (BIG)
thumbnail Chad in front, you can see Paul behind the sign (BIG)
thumbnail Tang doing some grilling (BIG)
thumbnail Allison, Brandon, and Teresa (BIG)
thumbnail Amy with her Swarm shirt on, Tang is still grilling (BIG)
thumbnail Jonathan (BIG)
thumbnail Angela and Peter (BIG)
thumbnail end of the roll... but you can see Teresa (BIG)
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