thumbnail Tim the Traitor, Tim's Dad, Derenda, and Tim's Mom (behind Derenda) (BIG)
thumbnail Hello the Band! Teresa (in the colorguard) is over on the right. (BIG)
thumbnail Jenny with her Yellow Jacket Poo Bear. (BIG)
thumbnail Teresa! Jenny is in the background. Derenda is in the extreme foreground. :-) (BIG)
thumbnail Jenny and Teresa and the rest of the colorguard and band. (BIG)
thumbnail It's Derenda! She sat by me during the game. (BIG)
thumbnail A picture of the stands... you can see Buzz in the very bottom. (BIG)
thumbnail Warrick = Done sign. (BIG)
thumbnail More pictures of the stands. A few naughty people. (BIG)
thumbnail YEA!!! The fans all cheer. (BIG)
thumbnail Another picture of the stands, and the band. (BIG)
thumbnail Yet Another football picture. (BIG)
thumbnail Buzz crowd surfing. (BIG)
thumbnail Buzz crowd surfing, cont. (BIG)
thumbnail Another game picture. (BIG)
thumbnail Another another picture. (BIG)
thumbnail Tim the Traitor. (BIG)
thumbnail Two of Tim's brothers and his little sister playing with Legos. (BIG)
thumbnail Tim's Dad. (BIG)
thumbnail Don't eat Ice Cream with your fingers. (BIG)
thumbnail Sibling humor. (BIG)
thumbnail Tim catches a Yellow Jacket Fish (actually a present from his brother). (BIG)
thumbnail Cademon's Call concert. Upper row: Rick, Angela (looking away) Brandon L, Sarah, ChrisHeilman. Lower row: Shelley, Amanda (with eyes closed), LT, Gwyneth (behind LT) and Chris L. (BIG)
thumbnail Pizza night line. (BIG)
thumbnail People getting drinks at Pizza Night. (BIG)
thumbnail People eating Pizza. Note Derenda (behind Tim) hiding head with Pizza slice. (BIG)
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