thumbnail Bobby and Cliff get some food (BIG)
thumbnail Bobby and Cliff and Shelley, eating more food. (BIG)
thumbnail Marie, taking a picture of me. (BIG)
thumbnail Oops! No flash... (BIG)
thumbnail Marie with a cute yellow jacket tatoo. (BIG)
thumbnail Peter is chillin' (BIG)
thumbnail Yellow Jacket fans filling up the stadium (BIG)
thumbnail Our wonderful band. (BIG)
thumbnail Another shot of our wonderful band. Can you see Teresa in this one, too? (BIG)
thumbnail Derenda, Tim, Ben (behind Tim) and Dave. Angela blocking everyone on the lower row. (BIG)
thumbnail Here is that lower row... Marie, Brandon Lenfest, Margaret, Gwyneth, and Chris Lenfest barely visible behind Gwyneth. (BIG)
thumbnail Shelley smiles her little smile, Peter goes breserk, Derenda looks mysterious, Tim watches the game intently, Marie is out of focus, and Brandon is amazed at Peter's insanity. (BIG)
thumbnail It's Buzz! Also shown are ChrisHeilman (in the purple) and Sarah (with the long hair). (BIG)
thumbnail Brandon Lenfest, ChrisHeilman, Sarah, Margaret, Holland, and Chris Lenfest. (BIG)
thumbnail I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech and a Helluva Engineer... We win 41 - 10 against the Central Floridians. (BIG)
thumbnail Our band plays after most sane people have left... (BIG)
thumbnail As is tradition, during the drum solo in ``The Horse'' the band fills as much area as is possible to physically attain access to. (BIG)
thumbnail And then proceeds to finish the song in the stands.... (BIG)
thumbnail ... and on the field. I love the band. (BIG)
thumbnail Brandon's Studying! He's not sleeping! Really! (BIG)
thumbnail A bunch of us WCFers at Tang's Baptism. (BIG)
thumbnail Dave, our campus minister, doing the baptism. (BIG)
thumbnail Tang is marked as a child of God. (BIG)
thumbnail As we watch. (BIG)
thumbnail North Avenue Presbyterian Church College Sunday School class, Sept. 26 1999. (BIG)
thumbnail Dave talks to some girls from Agnes Scott (BIG)
thumbnail The Other Minister at North Ave named Dave talks to Miss McNabb (left), a girl from Atlanta International University (I think) and our Marie. (BIG)
thumbnail The last shot in the roll, getting almost everyone in the class into the picture. (BIG)
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