thumbnail Who is that man? (BIG)
thumbnail Marieeeeee! (BIG)
thumbnail It's Alexis! Isn't she *sooooo* cute? Go Georgia Tech! (BIG)
thumbnail North Avenue Sunday School (BIG)
thumbnail The other part of NAPC Sunday School. (BIG)
thumbnail Gay buxton with her cute kids... Rick in the lower right. (BIG)
thumbnail Josh, Rick, Linda, and Ben. (BIG)
thumbnail Marie's Dust Puppy from ALS. (BIG)
thumbnail A better shot of Marie with her Dust Puppy. (BIG)
thumbnail Brandon Lenfest about to launch is ME 2110 device (BIG)
thumbnail Brandon about to launch with the rest of his group. (BIG)
thumbnail The enemy. (BIG)
thumbnail And they're off! (BIG)
thumbnail Dinner before the Masquerade Dance. (BIG)
thumbnail More people in costume, including the Evil version of Angela. Also shown: Tall Peter, Margaret, Gwyneth, and Tang at the bottom. (BIG)
thumbnail The Masquerade Dance, In Progress. Our Traditional ``C is for Cookie'' dance appears to be playing right now. (BIG)
thumbnail People dancing to a slower song... including ChrisHeilman's parents! Isn't that cute? (BIG)
thumbnail Here we are swingin' up a storm... part of our audio network in the foreground (BIG)
thumbnail Peter... he was dancing really cool, but stopped before I could get a picture. :-( Oh well. I understand. (BIG)
thumbnail Here we see a peter as he appears in his natural habitat. We have frightened this peter, as you can plainly see. If you see a peter in the wild (which you can tell due to general suaveness, ability to swing, and large antlers) make sure you do not make it angry. The best way to prevent a Peter from attacking is to hold your arms above your head and in a loud, firm voice say ``Peter, Ooooogla-Oooogla-Oooooogla!'' Remember this, it could save your life one day. (BIG)
thumbnail Marie looks cold on the retreat... but she has a cool hat. (BIG)
thumbnail People playing bridge, LT goes to open something refreshing to drink. (BIG)
thumbnail Dan and Brandon are playing with their guitars. We're all about to sing, I think. Would you like me to name people? Let's see...

ChrisHeilman on the left. Next to him is Elizabeth. Next to her is Jenny. Next to her is Josh. Then Dan and Brandon. Coming back, we have Angela and Shelley, Lenfest's top of head, Gwyneth, and then going back away from the camera we have Amanda, Tall Peter, and Sarah.

thumbnail Here we have the True Men, the Real Campers. Note the cool ``Smoke-on-the-water'' effect. God's beauty is cool. (BIG)
thumbnail Another shot of the real campers, this time without the flash getting in the way. (BIG)
thumbnail Shelley, Doug, and Holland getting warm by the fire. (BIG)
thumbnail It's Allison! This shot appears to be double-exposed. Must be the end of the roll..... (BIG)
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