thumbnail Much of our Esteemed Honduras Team walking out of the Honduras Maya Hotel, totally ready for a full day of work. (BIG)
thumbnail Walking to the bus. (BIG)
thumbnail Driving to Villa Nueva. (BIG)
thumbnail In Villa Nueva, at the bottom of the hill. (BIG)
thumbnail In the church / clinic in Honduras. Carol leading us before we split up do do our stuff. (BIG)
thumbnail The upper construction site. This is the beginning of the 4th day of work. (BIG)
thumbnail James and his new friends come down to help haul buckets, David collects water bottles in between the rocks. (BIG)
thumbnail Hauling buckets across the gulley (BIG)
thumbnail The destination of the buckets. (BIG)
thumbnail A young Honduran man hauling 2 90-pound bags of cement. (BIG)
thumbnail The lower construction site. Lower because it's lower down the road, but you have to go up 20 feet to get to it! (BIG)
thumbnail A view with the new house and the old house. (BIG)
thumbnail A view with both houses and the countryside (BIG)
thumbnail A view of the upper house -- you can see we're finishing up the walls! (BIG)
thumbnail Takin' a break. (BIG)
thumbnail Shoveling gravel into a wheelbarrow to drive to the upper house. (BIG)
thumbnail Chip and James, shoveling hard. They're getting lots of strength from God. You can see God's creation in the background. (BIG)
thumbnail Taking another break. (BIG)
thumbnail Gathered around the full wheelbarrow. (BIG)
thumbnail Everyone came up to sing to us (Especially Emily!) (BIG)
thumbnail Go Penelope! (BIG)
thumbnail Bobby carries down a wheelbarrow full of precious items. (BIG)
thumbnail Too dark. (BIG)
thumbnail Bobby helps us understand that Miami International is Improving. Fortunately, they also held the plane we were late for. (BIG)
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