thumbnail The first of the NAPC group to arrive at Phillips Arena (mostly from the College group) (BIG)
thumbnail Some of the College people. (BIG)
thumbnail The teams take the ice! (BIG)
thumbnail Chip doesn't seem quite at home in his Princeton shirt in this shot. (BIG)
thumbnail Action on the ice (BIG)
thumbnail The first fight of the game (BIG)
thumbnail Everyone to the right of me. (BIG)
thumbnail Everyone to the left of me. (BIG)
thumbnail The six chosen ones leave to prepare for the battle on the ice. (BIG)
thumbnail This picture is after the big chicken/ostrich match. You can watch a video of it here (~13M).

Please download the movie to your hard drive instead of viewing it over the network. You might try shift-click or right-clicking on the link to save it to your local disk. Thanks!

thumbnail The players headed back in, and the zambonis head out. (BIG)
thumbnail Jill and Bobby are chillin'. (BIG)
thumbnail It's a tie at the end of three periods! Free hockey! (BIG)
thumbnail The face off for overtime. (BIG)
thumbnail Trashers win, 4-3. I like the flamethrowers. (BIG)
thumbnail Jill, Bobby, and Thomas. (BIG)
thumbnail Most of the group from North Avenue. (BIG)
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