thumbnail Me with my backpack (before the bear ripped it up) about to leave for my little AT hike. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail My roommate Evanda, who dropped me off. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is a shot on the trail that leads to the top of Springer Mountain (the official start of the AT) from the bottom of Amacolola Falls (where I was dropped off) (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is me on top of Springer Mountain. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail My feet at the marker denoting the start of the AT My shoes still look OK! :-) (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another shot of me on Springer (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is just North of Woody Gap. It started raining at 6:00 this day. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another shot from just north of Woody Gap. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail And another. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The next day was much nicer (extra-BIG)
thumbnail One of the better views... there aren't many along the trail. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Next four pictures I plan on putting together to make a panorama (extra-BIG)
thumbnail .... (extra-BIG)
thumbnail .... (extra-BIG)
thumbnail ... (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More rhodedendrum (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The inside of my hip pack (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A picture of me (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A picture of Big Foot. This is also on top of Standing Indian Mountain. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another pic from Standing Indian (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another. I like the shadows from the clouds on the mountains. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail From the top of Albert Mountain. The book calls the approach ``steep, rocky, and memorable''. You can see the weather coming in. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail From the fire tower on Albert Mountain. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sunset and weather coming in from Albert Mountain. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Rock Gap Shelter, where my supply point was. There are some people in the shelter: Mogely (a mangy dog) who was with three guys who were off from college and in to music. Big Foot was also there. Also, some guy who worked for IBM. But my camera has no flash and so you can't see them. We had fun eating pineapple and drinking stove fuel mixed with pineapple juice (don't worry; the stove fuel was Golden Grain). (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another pic of the shelter (extra-BIG)
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