thumbnail On top of Siler Bald, one of the two exceptionally beautiful places on the AT that I came across (the other being Max Patch Mountain). (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another pic from top of Siler Bald (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Looking out from the top of Siler Bald. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The path up to the top of Siler Bald. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Wesser Bald (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A cat who (evidentally) lives at Wesser Bald. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The Wilderness Trail crosses the Modern World (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A nice vista. I think this is in between Wesser Bald and the NOC. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another vista (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A glimpse on the way down to the NOC. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More view (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is coming up from the NOC, it was wet and rainy and miserable, but there was a very nice flowering plant which cheered me up. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is Cheoah Bald, which ``offers one of the most splendid panoramas in the southern Appalachians.'' But not for me, it was fogged in. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Me, Rhodedendrum, and fog. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The weather has cleared by the time I reach Fontana Lake at the bottom of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Part of Fontana Dam (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The road that goes across Fontana Dam (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Fontana Dam (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Hiking up on the north side of the lake, a glmipse back onto Fontana Lake (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A nice view in the Great Smoky Mountains. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail One of the nice open areas in the GSMNP. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A nice view with a nice grassy area in GSMNP. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is what the trail looks like in a lot of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The trail tends to not be so nice because they let horses on it. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is on the top of Rockytop Mountain. I'm with two guys I met at NOC and caught up with a couple days later. They hike pretty fast. The three ladies are teachers in Alaska and like to correct grammar. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The edge of Hell, aka Gatlinburg. (extra-BIG)
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