thumbnail On top of Clingman's Dome, the highest point on the AT. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sunset in the Smoky Mountains. We still have 3 hours of hiking to go! (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Charlie's Bunion in GSMNP. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail I might be slow going uphill, but I was faster than this guy. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is Max Patch Mountain, the nicest place I found on what I hiked on the AT. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another shot from Max Patch Mtn (extra-BIG)
thumbnail And another (extra-BIG)
thumbnail And another (extra-BIG)
thumbnail And another (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The flowers on the top of Max Patch Mountain (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sunset from Max Patch Mtn. Through several of these pictures you may have noticed some little poles sticking up, this is so that you can find your way when there is snow covering everything. No trees means no blazes! (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is a sign about the National Forest Station at Hot Springs, NC. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail An AT sign at Hot Springs, NC. A branch is blocking the part that says ``Springer Mountain, 271 mi''. I guess it would be out of focus anyway. (extra-BIG)
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