thumbnail Scott Peterson, having an injured eye and holding some anesthesia. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Michael Buening and his neice Carissa (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A nice sunset at Family Camp. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sunset, continued. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Kids playing on the porch swing. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Scott Mullin and Cooper (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Baloon stomp at the Beach Olympics (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sunset at the Beach Olympics (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A Beach Olympics relay race (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Beach Olympics (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Tug-o-war (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another Tug-o-war picture (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Adam and Mary Anne on Canoe/Picnic (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Out canoeing (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Evidentally, the canoe trip is going to the birds. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Cooper, Kyle, Emily, and Zach at Talent Show Night (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More CKEZ (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Calvert Clan Antics at Talent Show Night (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Calvert Clan, continued. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More Talent Show (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Cooper, the entertainer. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail CAR WASH! Spangler Players 2001 (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Da da da daa da daaa da daaaaa! Mr Peterson wraps up Talent Show 2001 with the traditional Mr Peterson Magic Show. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Magical Hopping Fingers. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sewing the fingers with invisible thread. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Cooper takes a bow (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A sunset shot that didn't turn out as well. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Mrs. Reimers (extra-BIG)
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