thumbnail Amy and Alex with some of their souvenirs purchased in Galway. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The water's edge in Galway. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Now we're in Wicklow, Ireland. This is some ancient something and is supposedly where St. Patrick touched down in Ireland (I think). (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Looking across the bay in Wicklow. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail I thought this rock formation was cool-looking. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A view of the park in Wicklow, the bay, etc. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More looking at Galway. I think this is part of a to-do panrorama (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is Chelsea, from Austrailia, who I met in Glendeloch. We ate and drank a goodly amount together in the afternoon and evening. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A piece of Guinness art in Glendaloch. The big tower is part of the ancient monestary in Glendaloch. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is the tower from the ancient monestary. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Looking back on Glendaloch (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The Irish Countryside. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is the view from the nice country hostel I stayed at that night. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Part of a to-do panorama, view from the hostel (extra-BIG)
thumbnail In Dublin, you can see the Guinness brewery stuff. That's a lot of beer. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A truck leaving the brewery. That's a lot of beer. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail If you look close, you can see that the old Guinness Hop Store has become the MIT Media Lab/Europe. They chose a great spot! (extra-BIG)
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