thumbnail The beach in Llanelli, which is pronnounced ``channechlee'' if you use the ``ch'' in ``loch''. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another view from the beach. It's very windy, but you can't tell that from the pictures I guess. Wind+Sand=Pain. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail There was a nice grassy area near the beach area. You can see lots of the town in the background. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is the view from above Aberyswyth. It's looking down on the town. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A cliff north of Aberyswyth. In my touring, Wales had the best cliffs. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is th trail that goes along the cliffs in Wales. It's rather precarious. A barbed-wire fence on your right, and cliffs on your left, and sometimes you get about a foot or two in between. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is where I spent the night. After walking a couple of miles, I got to a little farmhouse and a sign that said ``Trail closed due to foot and mouth. 2000 pound fine for violation.'' I was looking for a little campsite someone said was around. Anyway, it was getting kind of late, and out came someone from the house walking their dog. This guy said that he didn't live there (they were renting the place from the farmer on their vacation or something), but that if I wanted to spend the night down the cliffs (there was a little path) on the little grassy area, he wouldn't tell anyone and nobody would come shooting. So we chit-chatted a little bit (his wife is from America) and I slept here. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Sunset from where I was camping. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A view in the morning. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail I met up with Amy in Oxford that weekend. She thought that a sign that said ``humped zebra crossing'' was pretty funny. So do I. So should you. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Any pets her own pint-sized guard. Isn't the little tuft thing on his head cute? (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is in the John Knox house in Edinburgh. John Knox is cool. I enjoyed this place. You should go. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail I shot this because I thought it was neat to have the super-old castle building in the background and a modern building in the foreground. But a litter basket got there, too. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The same building, but now you get the cool edinburgh-hill-park-thing in the bacground. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail These are pictures from going up to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest point in the British Isles. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another nice view. Scotland was very beautiful. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A goat tring to stare me off the trail. I won. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail I thought in Three Billy Goat's Gruff, the goats were above the bridge... (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another great view from the trail up to Ben Nevis (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A nice little mountain Loch. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another (higher) view of the mountain loch with background mountains. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The beautiful Highlands of Scotland (extra-BIG)
thumbnail You can see the trail plainly here. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Getting close to the top of the world. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A view of some of the nice mountain lakes and stuff, and the gold from the sunset. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More Mountains (extra-BIG)
thumbnail I like mountain sunsets, don't you? (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is me from near the top of Ben Nevis, wearing my Go-Lite rain jacket and carrying water, a sweatshirt, and a snack. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The top of Ben Nevis (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is the West Highland Way, the trail that goes from just south of Fort William to just north of Glasogow. It's like the AT, except it's easy, beautiful, and fun. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail On the West Highland Way, instead of hiking through a forest with an occasional view, you get to hike through a view with an occasional clump of trees. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The highlands are pasture land for sheep and goats and stuff. This is some sort of a corral thing. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail The trail and the mountains. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Another view of the West Highlands of Scotland. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A Thistle-bordered view (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Okay, so I know it's lots of mountain shots that start to all look the same, but after hiking in the AT and spending time in cities and stuff, it was just amazingly beautiful. Plus, I wasn't about to run out of film, since I'd just picked up some more. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail A view back at the trail. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail This is me on the trail. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail More great views. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail As I travel farther south, the mountains are less rugged. (extra-BIG)
thumbnail Okay, We're no longer in Scotland, but in Galway, Ireland. I met back up with Amy. There were a bunch of protesters outside protesting McDonalds for some reason, so we decided to go in for some ice cream. (extra-BIG)
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