thumbnail Marie at the pool in West Palm Beach (BIG)
thumbnail Gwyneth and Chris in the back of the car (BIG)
thumbnail Marie riding Shotgun (with cool shades!) (BIG)
thumbnail Marie, Gwyneth, and Chris in front of the bridge in front of the Riverhouse restaraunt (BIG)
thumbnail Just Gwyneth and Chris. Aren't they cute? (BIG)
thumbnail Some boats. (BIG)
thumbnail Rush picture that turned out too dark (BIG)
thumbnail Angela, Sarah, Marie, Tim, Chris Lenfest, Paul, and Rick (BIG)
thumbnail Sarah painting the sign (BIG)
thumbnail Clint watches Peter give Teresa a backrub (BIG)
thumbnail A couple of our internationals helping to cook Burgers and Hot Dogs (BIG)
thumbnail Dan and Jenny. Aren't they cute? (BIG)
thumbnail Marie and Jordan. Aren't they cute? (BIG)
thumbnail Jordan watches while Marie and Ed discuss fancy Swing Moves (BIG)
thumbnail Shelley and Dmitry dance, Dan watches the band (BIG)
thumbnail Shelley and Dmitry dance, and Dan and Rick do some fancy (?) moves (BIG)
thumbnail Gwyneth and Chris are Swingin'. Marie and Jordan are Sittin'. (BIG)
thumbnail Dan drinks, Heilman and Sarah hide behind the Smuckers, Dmitry and Amy Vinson dance. (BIG)
thumbnail Now we see Heilman and Sarah. (BIG)
thumbnail Yes! Sometimes, work DOES get done in the study room. Note my beautiful NeXTStation behind Tang. From Left to Right: LT, Chris Lenfest, Jason Tang, and Gwyneth. (BIG)
thumbnail Marie, Amanda, and Brandon Lenfest. (BIG)
thumbnail Some Woodruffers at the study tables: Tim, Jenny, Dmitry, and Derenda. (BIG)
thumbnail Jenny (foreground) watches Derenda concentrating on a project with wire, Tim reads a book. (BIG)
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