thumbnail Angela, Evanda, Sarah, and Margaret (This is a ChrisHeilman photo). (BIG)
thumbnail Angela, Evanda, and Sarah (This is a ChrisHeilman photo). (BIG)
thumbnail Angela, Evanda, and Sarah (This is a ChrisHeilman photo). (BIG)
thumbnail ChrisHeilman dances with his Mama. Awwwww.... (BIG)
thumbnail Wohoo! Tang in a dress! This is a Bridesmaid's dress that Joan brought over for Why? Group... and Tang had to try it on! And he thought that these pictures had been lost for good.... mwuahahahahaa..... (BIG)
thumbnail Joan helping Tang with the dress. (BIG)
thumbnail Oooh, Tang, Looking Sexy! (BIG)
thumbnail Tang shows the low-cut back. Joan and Jenny look away. (BIG)
thumbnail First picture from the WCF Ski Trip 2000. This is Saturday Morning. Teresa brushes her hair, Tang has his box o' film, and Lisa sleeps while standing up! (BIG)
thumbnail Rick with the Oatmeal and the Bacon. Mmmmm.... the Breakfast of Champions. :-) (BIG)
thumbnail Tang, Brandon, Jason, Doug, ChrisHeilman, Clint, and Josh eat the tasty breakfast. (BIG)
thumbnail Mr. Good gets some breakfast, too. (BIG)
thumbnail On our way to Canaan Valley (BIG)
thumbnail Lisa, Gwyneth, Murray, and Eric Moore all get prepared to ski. (BIG)
thumbnail Jason wants to know where to put his shoes. (BIG)
thumbnail Jarrett and Teresa in the foreground. Dave takes a picture of me in the background. (BIG)
thumbnail Lisa trying to get around on her skis. (BIG)
thumbnail Paul trying to get around on his skis. (BIG)
thumbnail Eric and Jarret, Skiers for Hire. Ready for anything. (BIG)
thumbnail Chris Murray takes a break. (BIG)
thumbnail It's SarahandChrisHeilman! Awwwww...... (BIG)
thumbnail SarahandChrisHeilman, sans balance. (BIG)
thumbnail Up in the Air! It's WCF Skiiers! ] (BIG)
thumbnail Josh skis up a storm. (BIG)
thumbnail Eric and ChrisHeilman behind us (BIG)
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