thumbnail Joan tries to scare us at the New Year's Eve party. Mrs. Sassone (left) and Marie and Brandon (right). (BIG)
thumbnail Sitting around at Joan's New Year's Eve party. Joan is trying to scare us. To the left of Joan is Mrs. Sassone and to the right are Marie and Brandon. (BIG)
thumbnail LT and Alexis are trying to figure out the CD player. (BIG)
thumbnail Alexis is dancing around the room, Joan watches her. Here is most of the group: Peter's Mom (Mrs. Sassone) at the bottom, then from left to right, Joan, Brandon, Marie, Brandon L, Amanda, LT, and Chris L. (BIG)
thumbnail Here we are with our silly hats. (BIG)
thumbnail Joan tries to catch Alexis, Robert looking for something to snack on, not realizing that Brandon is finishing off the last bit of food. (BIG)
thumbnail Alexis likes Brandon's ``hat.'' (BIG)
thumbnail Peter on the left, Peter's Mom on the right. I don't think she approves of her son's choice in hats. (BIG)
thumbnail Alexis and Joan are dancing to Veggie Tales music. (BIG)
thumbnail Me, at home, with my Cake and Ice Cream. I was home in the first part of the week before my birthday. (BIG)
thumbnail Cutting my cake. (BIG)
thumbnail This is Brandon at the first place we went to on my 21st birthday (this is back in Atlanta). (BIG)
thumbnail The back of LT's head, Dmitry, Blake, and Chris L. (BIG)
thumbnail Dmitry, Rick, Brandon (from the back) LT (from the back). (BIG)
thumbnail Brandon, LT, Bobby, and Chris L. on the way to Intermezzo's, after we ditched the first place due to horrible music. (BIG)
thumbnail My MacQuarium. (BIG)
thumbnail Another, even worse shot of my MacQuarium. (BIG)
thumbnail We killed the Pillow Man on the Spring retreat. (BIG)
thumbnail Holland (left) and ChrisHeilman (right). (BIG)
thumbnail Dan, carying all our worship needs. (BIG)
thumbnail Stuffing bodies into cardboard boxes is fun! (BIG)
thumbnail Evanda (right) prepares to pounce on snack food held by Marie. Marie is in a dangerous position here, as Evanda can pounce on bags of goldfish at speeds in excess of 300 MPH. Chris and Gwyneth snuggle in the background, Angela, disgusted at the site of such sappiness, turns her head away. (BIG)
thumbnail E has a moment of pondering out back. (BIG)
thumbnail LT is bringing the fire back to life in the morning. (BIG)
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