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    Make new friends, but keep the old,
    One is silver and the other gold

    This is probably horribly outdated, please forgive me.

  • Ryan McDaniel, probably my best friend. He's on his way to CalTech to go to school.
  • Kristy Lumley, who used to be Kristy Bland, who knows more than she admits to, and is one of the nicest girls I've met. She's coming to do graduate work here at GaTech.
  • Mark Lindsey, who knows a lot about anything relating to computers, as long as it doesn't involve a GUI. Ex-SuperAdmin of DSS Online, now DSS pays him to do research.
  • Amanda, a "most beautiful girl who I would want to date except that she is dating someone else," according to her. And now she's engaged. To my good friend and possible future partner in business, LT (Chris Craig).
  • Gwyneth Just Plain Wierd®, but cool. She lets me watch her Veggie Tales videos. She's living at WCF this year.
  • Brandon Rhodes Very Cool Guy. He does lots of neat things with computers. He's insane, but so are lots of us. Ask him to quote anything by CS Lewis or Tolkien... he can.
  • Chris Craig(aka LT) Another Very Cool Guy. Also does cool things with computers.
  • Chris Lenfest , lives in the room across the suite and is an all-around nice guy. Dating Gwyneth.
  • David Cantrell David was envious of my domain name so he got one too. Ask him about his new computer, but only if your mail quota is bigger then two meg. Just kidding, David.
  • Logan Johnson Logan is a hippie freak and needs to get his hair cut. Logan plays Quake a lot and is pretty good at it. Logan got a schweet job at ISS, where he does stuff he can't talk about.
  • Mark E. Honeycutt. He uses a dvorak keyboard, but we allow him in our presence anyway.
  • Jason Tang, who we just call ``Tang'' for obvious reasons (wouldn't you call him Tang?) He's a great guy and was my project partner for CS4803c Spring quarter 1999.

That's it for now. More later!