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... and welcome to! This place is owned by Erich Plondke.

These pages are typically horribly out-dated. Tough. At least they're not outdated AND use the <blink> tag.

Are you interested in Hiring me? Need someone to do cool things with computers? Then you probably want to look at my Professional page. I'm currently about to graduate as a Computer Engineering student here at Georgia Tech, and am looking to do something that will make use of my education.

Or, perhaps you want to know a little about my Personal life. Herein lies all the little things that make me me. My Picture Gallery is also available.

They say that you can judge people by the company they keep. If so, I must be rated highly. Visit some of my friends.

As you probably know, Computers are my work, my hobby, my classwork, and are the hole that a lot of my free time gets sucked into. But, it is worth it. Click Here to view my computing stuff.

There are things on this crazy Internet that are not related to computers, but that I'm still interested in. You can find some of those here.

Or, perhaps you don't want to see any of my stuff, and are just here to get to something else on You might find a link to what you are looking for here.